Season Pass Terms and Conditions

  • Season Passes are neither refundable nor transferable for any reason under any circumstance.
  • Passholders age on December 31st of current year determines price category.
  • The season pass agreement shall constitute a binding agreement and contract for services as between Searchmont Ski Association Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “S.S.A.I”) and the individual Season Pass Holder (hereinafter referred to as the “Pass Holder”). Pass Holder identity shall be clearly established in the season pass application documentation. The Pass Holder additionally shall be identified by the posting of his/her picture upon the Season Pass Identity Card issued to the individual Pass Holder by the offices of S.S.A.I
  • Season Passes confer privileges and limited rights of access to the facilities owned and operated by S.S.A.I. to the individual Pass holder identified by the pass.
  • Each Pass Holder must carry their Season Pass Identity Card in a visible location at all times when utilizing S.S.A.I facilities. Access to the S.S.A.I facilities and to its ski lift services is conditional upon having a valid daily lift ticket prominently and securely attached to the Pass Holder. Lift Tickets must be presented to the lift attendant each time that the Pass Holder boards the lift equipment as a condition of the use of the ski lift equipment and as a condition of the right to retain the Season Pass and its associated privileges. 
  • All Season Pass Identity Cards are owned by S.S.A.I. Passes may be cancelled or confiscated at the sole discretion of management or its agents for any infraction of the Alpine Responsibility Code, breach of the rules governing the use of facilities, for any fraudulent use of the pass, or for any other action that threatens the general peace, safety and comfort of individuals and staff present at the facility.
  • A Season Pass Identity Card cannot be loaned to any other third party nor may its privileges transferred by way of resale to any other third party. Such acts shall be considered by S.S.A.I. as illegal theft of services and shall result in the immediate cancellation and revocation of Season Pass privileges and shall cause legal proceedings be undertaken against parties involved in the act(s). The exchange or loan of his/her Season Pass Identity Card by any Pass Holder to any other third party constitutes fraud. In such cases Season Pass privileges shall be suspended and the price for the lift ticket of the day shall be charged to the Pass Holder for any such fraudulent use of the Season Pass Identity Card by any other third party.
  • A lost or stolen season Pass Identity Card must be reported to Customer Sales immediately. A non-refundable fee of $25.00 will be charged for each season Pass Identity Card replacement. 
  • Each Season Pass Holder shall agree to assume all risks arising from the acquisition and use of Season Pass privileges including, but not limited to: the variable nature of the length of the snow season whether due to lack of snow or other climatic conditions or any other cause, event or condition which may cause the cessation in whole or part, or the operations and activities of the resort operation; all risks of personal injury as a result of the use of Searchmont facilities and/or engaging in any activity offered by or associated with S.S.A.I any loss, theft, or damage to the personal property of the Season Pass Holder and all direct or indirect consequences thereof.